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Unity Webinar – A Cure for Project Management Woes

Customer Success Stories Webinar and Case Study

Unity Webinar – A Cure for Project Management Woes

Jon Druker
Unity Webinar – A Cure for Project Management Woes

Hey iBwavers,

We have a great webinar. It’s all about the frustrations and mismanagement of projects and what you can do to sleep a little better at night.

Here is what we will talk about:

  • The cost of improper planning – case in point: The Montreal Super Hospital
  • The cost of using a project planning tool that doesn’t quite fit the bill
  • The most common stumbling points in a wireless network project and how to avoid them

I, your erstwhile product manager, will go through some of the trends and horror stories, and give some advice on the experiences we have gathered from our many years working with our customers and the challenges they face.

I’ll also explain how we built our Unity solution to handle these issues.

Watch Webinar »

Looking forward to sharing the knowledge!

Jon Druker

Jon Druker

Product Manager, iBwave
If I have wisdom to share, I will. If there is wisdom to be received, I'll take it. As someone who like the creative and painful process of product management, there is much wisdom needed. Here is where I will share mine.
Jon Druker

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