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What’s New in iBwave Wi-Fi 14.2


What’s New in iBwave Wi-Fi 14.2

iBwave Wi-Fi Release 14.2 with Zigbee and Mist integration

Did you see the latest news for iBwave Wi-Fi? It’s got a couple of new features we’re excited to let you know about.

Zigbee Support in iBwave Wi-Fi

Zigbee uses IEEE’s 802.15.4 network standard to communicate with other Zigbee devices and like Wi-Fi devices, works on the 2.4 GHz band. And while we’ve always supported Zigbee in our iBwave Design product – the fact that it operates on the 2.4 GHz band just made it logical for us to also include it in our iBwave Wi-Fi product. With this functionality, it now gives our customers an IoT design option in iBwave Wi-Fi.

Here is an example of a Zigbee predictive design done in iBwave Wi-Fi and the different output maps you can use to view it’s predicted performance.

Zigbee design in iBwave Wi-Fi

Mist Integration

For customers using Mist APs to design their Wi-Fi networks, we have some good news. With this release comes the ability to export your iBwave design and then easily import it into your Mist dashboard for a much more streamlined deployment process. Within the Mist dashboard you can now see AP information such as model, location, ID, high, direction, etc as well as Floor plan information and image information.

Note: This feature is also included in iBwave Design for our customers who use it to design Wi-Fi networks.

“With the ability to import iBwave files directly into Mist, it gives one source of truth and eliminates duplicate work. You design in iBwave and then the work and design details just get carried into Mist giving the user a very streamlined deployment workflow.”

Wes Purvis, Product Manager, Mist

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