Which antenna type is best for certain Wi-Fi environments?

As much as antenna placement is vital for the wireless network performance, so is the type of antenna used for the type of environment you're designing within.

There are tons of materials on antennas 'out there' and with Google, a couple of fingers and some spare time you can become a real antenna guru. But as we live in a crazy and fast-paced world not everyone has time for research. So we decided to help you to shortcut your way in choosing the right antenna!

Use this infographic to quickly view main antenna types, radiation patterns and best practices for implementation.

The types and sub-types of antennas:


  • Indoor Omni
  • Outdoor Omni
  • Rubber Duck (routers and APs)


  • Yagi
  • Parabolic grid
  • Panel
  • Sector Panel Antennas
  • Patch

We've also included some common Wi-Fi applications and best choices of antennas for those.

  • Wi-Fi Between Two Buildings
  • Wi-Fi Inside Office Building
  • Wi-Fi in Warehouse
  • In-ground applications
  • Better Wi-Fi at Home
  • Wi-Fi in Campus Environment
  • Wi-Fi at Outdoor Cafe

Click on the link below to download the infographic!

Antennas Infographic Download - preview image .jpg

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