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What’s New in iBwave Wi-Fi Release 12

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What’s New in iBwave Wi-Fi Release 12

Feature Spotlight: What's New in iBwave Wi-Fi Release 12

With iBwave Wi-Fi Release 12, we’ve added some key features to building modeling that will change the game when it comes to 3D modeling for large complex venues.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at three important enhancements to 3D modeling added in iBwave Wi-Fi Release 12. With diagonal drawing, curved walls in stadium design, and the ability to stop walls at an incline, you can save you up to 50% of the time it normally takes to model large complex venues like stadiums, airports, shopping malls, etc.

iBwave Wi-Fi Release 12: 3D Stadium feature

Diagonal Drawing

Easily design square sections of a building at an angle with the new diagonal drawing tool. You can now more efficiently model odd-shaped buildings as well as add a reference angle to be able to measure and relate antenna azimuth.

“My favourite new feature in iBwave R12 is diagonal drawing because it allows me to quickly and accurately draw walls not at 90 degree angles – no more guess work. Projects are now completed and ready for the engineer at a quicker rate than previous versions.”

— RF Engineer, iBwave User

iBwave Release 12: Diagonal Drawing feature

Curved Walls

Benefit from significant time savings with the ability to design curved walls (especially useful for stadium modeling) making your 3D model that much more accurate to real-life and as a result, your predictions also more accurate.

iBwave Release 12: Curved Wall feature

Stop Walls at Incline

R12 brings simplified wall drawing under inclined surfaces – you now have the ability to easily draw walls and adjust their height against inclined surfaces, making your model and predictions more accurate.

iBwave Release 12: Stop Walls at Incline feature

We know these features have been requested by many of our users, especially those who model larger complex venues such as stadiums. We’re happy to be delivering these enhancements to answer those requests and simplify the overall Wi-Fi design process in larger complex venues.

Look for even more features that will enhance your modeling and design experience in the coming months!


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