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What reports do you find the most valuable when designing wireless networks?

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What reports do you find the most valuable when designing wireless networks?

What reports do you find the most valuable when designing wireless networks?

Documentation is a crucial part of most in-building wireless network design projects. So it makes sense then that one of the capabilities our customers tend to really like in iBwave products are the reports that come with it, the ease with which you can generate them and the different formats that they come in.

In today’s blog I will take a look at 3 of the most popular reports in iBwave products, using iBwave Wi-Fi as the example. 


This report has proven to be a big time saver for many of our customers because it eliminates any time usually spent on organizing notes and site photos into a report.

What it does is take all of the site photos and notes that you captured and saved directly on the floorplan using iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile, during the site survey and compiles it into a very neat and tidy report that you can easily send to your project team members to continue with the rest of the design process, or reference for yourself as you complete the design.

Here is an example of what that report looks like, including the different formats you can output it in:

Annotations Report


Also referred to as the ‘Bill of Materials’ report, this report quickly provides you with a complete list of all the equipment included in your design. In iBwave Wi-Fi (and iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile) this includes all network components such access points, routers, cabling, switches, racks, antennas – and basically anything you decide to include in the design of your network. 

The biggest value of this report gives our customers is the level of detail it includes because it gives them (and their customers) an overview of the complete network and the components required, in just one click. 

Here is an example of what the Equipment List Report looks like:

Equipment List Report


Our customers like this report because it enables them to add cost details to their network equipment and andadditional project costs as well such as labor, mark-up costs (yes, you can keep it invisible), construction and any other miscellaneous project costs that they may have. They simply enter the information on the report screen and in one-click they have a fairly accurate estimate of what the project will cost.  

Cost Details

What about reports that go beyond the project?

So far all of these reports have been at the project level. But many of our customers need reports that cover a span of projects, or a span of time. To do this, our iBwave Unity site and project management software can be used. This cloud-based software is essentially a site and project management software that acts as a central hub for all sites and network design projects. From here you are able to run reports and view dashboards that go way beyond singular projects, enabling you to see from a high-level information about all of the projects your company has done in the year. 

Example iBwave Unity reports include:

  • Active Projects
  • Project Costs – Estimates vs. Actual
  • Projects per Technologies
  • Project Compliance
  • Asset Management

Here is an example of a ‘Projects by Project Type’ report in iBwave Unity:

Project by Type

And that’s it for this post.

What reports are the most important for you when it comes to network design projects?

Wirelessly yours,


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