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What was your first cell phone?


What was your first cell phone?

Amna Chishty
What was your first cell phone?

The cell phone is 40 today! To celebrate its birthday, we want to hear about your first cell phone – post a photo and a story on our Facebook page. The iBwave marketing team got the ball rolling and took a moment to ponder their own personal cell phone history. Here’s what came out of the conversation:


Here is my first cell phone… (pretty sure that was it). That was when I was working in Shenzhen, China.



I joined the revolution pretty late. Here’s my first, which I proudly kept for my full three year contract and even a bit more!

MC first cell phone


These were my dinosaurs:

My first attempts at personal communications: A PAGER!


 My first cellphone (mine was red).


 My second cellphone: BEST EVER! I still have it and my mom still uses it.


 My third cellphone: Like MC!

MC first cell phone


I had Laurence’s first cell phone too! But dark blue.

In Japan (2003), I used this one below (had a very cool rotating camera in the center with ‘motion eye’ technology). You could even create short 30 second videos and there were movie trailers loaded onto it, a feature which very few phones had at that time.


 Here I am with said phone, calling my folks from the top of Mt.Fuji with perfect reception!


What was your first cellphone? Post the picture and story on our Facebook page!

Juan Felipe:

Here’s what Juan Felipe, our VP Sales remembers about his first cell phone:

My first phone was a Motorola Timeport. It was a first world phone but it was pretty heavy and, when I had it on my belt clip, the antenna always pricked my love handle. Indeed, it was painful and very uncomfortable to carry. Someone stole it when I was in a Paris restaurant; that day, I was a happy camper.


Until next time!

Amna Chishty

Amna Chishty

Marketing Communications Specialist, iBwave
Converting complex ideas into simple stories is what I love to do.
Amna Chishty

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