Mobile World Congress provides a great platform for industry leaders to share their insight on trends and the future of telecommunications. In these interviews with Jeff Mucci from RCR Wireless News, Mario Bouchard, President and CEO of iBwave, shares his views.

The first video describes Mario’s view on the impact that WiFi will have on the in-building ecosystem as well as on iBwave.

The second video covers DAS trends around the world. Mario says that North America is way ahead of international markets. In the US, marketing dollars have been driving fiber DAS adoption; however, network complexities are driving international DAS adoption. 98% of the world is still on passive versus active DAS systems. But the times are a changin’ – Latin America and Europe are booming and DAS in rapid transit systems is a major focus for cities all over the world right now.

Topics: Feature Spotlight, Transportation

Amna Chishty

Written by Amna Chishty

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