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It’s Been a Year, Glad We’re Here

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It’s Been a Year, Glad We’re Here

It's Been a Year, Glad We're Here

I was just thinking the other day how it’s been a year now since we launched iBwave Wi-Fi, and what a fun and exceptional journey it has been. From our very first Wi-Fi event (for me that was CWNP conference in San Franciso), to getting to know those in the Wi-Fi community, to the exciting product releases we’ve had since, to where we are now.

Here are 3 things we have learned since embarking on this journey.

#1 The Wi-Fi Community is Awesome

While we’ve always had Wi-Fi technology included in our software, our engagement with the dedicated Wi-Fi community had been admittedly minimal in the past.

That all changed once we started to ramp up to the official launch of iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile, and iBwave Wi-Fi. We started to attend more and more Wi-Fi shows, we started to hang out more on Twitter, we started to talk more to those in the community and we started to realize just how great the Wi-Fi community.

I remember thinking at the first shows I attended – both CWNP in San Francisco, and WLPC in Berlin – how much the community likes to come together to learn from each other, and help each other. And while we were coming in as the unknown new kids on the Wi-Fi block, there was a genuine curiosity in getting to know us, both as a company but also as people.

We are still on this journey of getting to know everyone in this community – there are many – but to those we have met along the way so far and shown us support with conversation, feedback and the occasional drink together, thank you!!

#2 Competition is a Good Thing

“I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn’t know how to get along without it”

Famous words spoken by the father of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney himself.

And Walt, I couldn’t agree more. To me, competition is one of the key factors in what drives innovation, what motivates companies to do better.

Coming into the Wi-Fi market we were aware that we were going ‘up against’ well established software vendors that were doing the same kind of stuff as our software – Wi-Fi network design.  But for us, this competition factor has been nothing but a good thing. It keeps pushing us to do better, and to be better. Because of our competition we are constantly trying to improve and so for that, thank you to our competitors for playing nice with us, and hopefully as we go on we all continue to push each other.

#3 We are Happy To Be Here and Look Forward To the Future

For us here at iBwave, the launch of our iBwave Wi-Fi product and our journey into this market space has been an invaluable year of learning, growing and improving both as a software and as a company. And we’re excited about what is coming in the new year for iBwave Wi-Fi. With our new user interface, a recently launched iBwave Wi-Fi certification program, exciting new features coming out in the near future, and planned attendance at the industry’s best Wi-Fi conferences, we look forward to seeing what the next year brings, and meeting more of you along the way.

Thanks everyone!

Wirelessly yours,


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