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How NCR Telecom & Technology Uses iBwave to Design Converged Networks in the Enterprise

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How NCR Telecom & Technology Uses iBwave to Design Converged Networks in the Enterprise

How NCR Telecom & Technology Uses iBwave to Design Converged Networks in the Enterprise

What’s the Story?

NCR is a leader in omni-channel solutions, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. With its software,hardware, and portfolio of services, NCR enables more than 650 million transactions daily across retail, financial, travel, hospitality, telecom and technology, and small business. Utilizing NCR’s team of 17,000 service professionals, NCR Telecom & Technology(T&T) provides comprehensive services solutions encompassing consulting, field services, and remote management to the top telecommunications service providers and network equipment manufacturers across the globe. 

With a trend towards enterprise-funded Wi-Fi and Cellular networks built on common infrastructure components in the same venues, having a solution like iBwave maximizes the productivity of our design engineering and field workforce — Steven Strickland, Solution Management & Marketing, NCR Telecom & Technology

Each year, NCR Telecom and Technology:

  • Installs and manages over 100,000 wireless access points
  • Completes over 250,000 enterprise network deployments
  • Manages over 200,000 network end points
  • Executes 1.2M service actions

In order to design and deploy high-quality networks their customers can rely on, the NCR T&T division has chosen to use iBwave Design as their standard software to design multiple in-building wireless networks, including: DASSmall Cells, Wi-Fi, Public Safety and cabling routes.Most recently, NCR has also invested in iBwave Wi-Fi for their professional services team to deploy a large amount of stand alone WLAN networks for their customers. In 2017 NCR T&T will have 17 certified iBwave Professionals.

NCR’s ability to standardize on one collaborative design platform is absolutely critical in delivering multi vendor wireless technologies to venue owners looking to keep pace with explosive mobile device growth. Our presales and professional services engineers are unmatched in their knowledge of enterprise networking and RF planning. It is my team’s inherent responsibility to equip our experts with the right tools to proficiently design in-building wireless networks and exchange information with our global field force in real-time. — Steven Strickland, Solution Management & Marketing, NCR Telecom & Technology

Why iBwave?


With iBwave Design, NCR is able to model and design multiple technology types (Cellular and Wi-Fi)  in-building wireless networks from within a single solution.


By using iBwave Design, NCR has the ability to accurately run project predictions for virtually any type of wireless network they are deploying.


With iBwave Mobile Note, NCR significiantly reduces the survey data import process by using the app as an all-in-one site survey tool (data collection, documentation, and design) and then save all site info to the iBwave cloud so it can be worked on by an engineer in another location.

The Benefits of Using iBwave

Using iBwave as their standard software for in-building network design, NCR has seen significant benefits, including:

  • 20% Increase in Productivity
  • Increase in the Bill of Materials Accuracy
  • Increase in the Number of Deals Won
  • Decrease in the Time to Quote
  • Decrease in Time to Share Site Survey Data
  • Decrease in Time Spent on Project Co-ordination

Favourite iBwave Features

Here are a few of the features that the NCR T&T team has found the most valuable:

  • RF planning automation
  • Predictive mapping of cable routes and wireless access points
  • Automatic bill of materials and project costs
  • Wi-Fi & cellular design in one tool
  • 3D Output Maps
  • Prediction validation against measured data
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